Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces : Braces Or Invisalign?Traditional Orthodontics is carried out with metal braces. The metal box-like components are stuck to the teeth and they are fitted with archwires and rubbers that should keep them in place. The metal components are often appearing quite dark and even black on the patient?s smile so some people would much rather go another way, towards invisible braces.

Types of Invisible Braces

When a patient comes in with the first priority to have invisible braces, the patient looks at his case, find out whether or not he is advised to go for such treatment, then he should know that he has the following options to choose from:

  1. ?Ceramic or Plastic Braces. When you talk about invisible braces the first thing that comes to mind are the ceramic braces. They are either tooth-colored or clear-colored so that when they are stuck to the teeth, they are properly camouflaged and so are not seen when the patient smiles, talks, laughs or opens his mouth. This invisibility is even more significant when the brackets are fitted with ceramic-coated wires and clear rubbers. At this point, everything is made invisible so the treatment is completely camouflaged so that all of the patient?s cosmetic concerns are met successfully.
  2. Lingual Braces. Lingual brackets are stuck at the back of the teeth and this positioning makes it invisible on the patient?s smile. The braces are placed on the back of the teeth so they are shaped differently, compared to normal braces but despite the difference in manipulation the principle is still quite the same. What is important here is that the braces are unseen when you smile, so you will have no cosmetic issues.
  3. Ceramic or Plastic Damon Braces. Damon Braces are special kind of braces with doors and locks are part of the actual brackets, so treatments are more efficient and more productive because there is constant movement being initiated by the brackets. If you are interested about this, but you are worried about the appearance of the brackets, note that the Damon System is now available in ceramic or plastic.
  4. Invisalign?. Another amazing option you have for invisible braces is Invisalign? — regarded as the true invisible treatment because the whole process is carried out without brackets. The teeth are not entrapped by brackets and wires because the treatment is carried out with the use of clear trays or aligners that appear invisible when worn by the patient.

?Why Would You Need Invisible Braces?

  • ?You feel too old to be a metal mouth. When one speaks of metal braces, one imagines a teenager with metal in his mouth and so when an older patient is being prescribed to undergo orthodontic treatment, he immediately feels unfit to have one because he relates it to youth.
  • Your job/company does not allow you to have a metal smile. Some positions, job titles and professions would be the wrong fit for metal braces. An example would be flight attendants, front desk personnel, newscasters, celebrities and the likes; they are constantly in front of people and the wearing of braces is going to send a bad image, so the use of invisible braces will be the right answer.
  • You feel that with braces in your mouth you lose the respect of people. This can probably related to one?s age, one?s position and the blatant effect of the metal brackets to one?s physical appearance. Some people may not want to go that route because they feel as though they are not being taken seriously since they look like that.
  • You feel ugly with braces on. From a totally free mouth, your mouth is now full of metal and it covers your teeth and changes the appearance of your smile. Braces can really destroy the appearance of the teeth, so instead of metal brackets why not choose the ?invisible? alternative.
  • Your braces can get in the way of what you do and even put you in danger or at risk of getting hurt. This is true for Invisalign? where there are no brackets to worry about. The whole treatment is invisible so nothing will get in the way of anything when you go this route.

If you are going to really going to analyze it closely, there is no true ?invisible braces? because the components are merely camouflaged or made clear for transparency. There is no such a thing as invisible braces, but they are made to look somewhat invisible to satisfy the patient?s cosmetic need. It does not seem so important to some people but it is quite of a big deal because it is a ?big deal? for the person. The dentist understands every single concern that the patient has and when aesthetic is a big concern, they need to be met.