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Invisible Braces – Types: Ceramic, Clear, Lingual, Damon, Invisalign?

Invisible Braces
Traditional Orthodontics is carried out with metal braces. The metal box-like components are stuck to the teeth and they are fitted with archwires and rubbers that should keep them in place. The metal components are often appearing quite dark and even black on the patient?s smile so some people would much rather go another […]

How Much Are The Invisible Braces? – Ceramic, Lingual, Invisalign??

How Much Are the Invisible Braces?
Orthodontics is the dental discipline that governs the diagnosis, prevention, correction and treatment of various orthodontic issues. These issues, mostly innate can also be developed or may have been the result of a series of changes in the patient?s mouth. When the teeth shift and move this disrupts the harmony […]

Damon Brackets: 5 Common Questions Answered

Damon Brackets
When you are thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment and you make a decision to see the dentist, one of the first things you do is to make a decision which way to go. There are so many types of treatment options and it is pertinent that you make time to discuss these things with […]

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What are Damon Clear Braces?

What are Damon Clear Braces?
Are you thinking of getting an orthodontic treatment? Maybe you have been struggling with the appearance of your smile and are finally ready to do some remedy for it so that you can flash a perfect smile. Maybe orthodontic treatment had been prescribed to you as part and prerequisite of another […]

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