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About Us - BracesOrInvisalign.comI had a dentist pull extra four teeth and give me six fillings.? Not only was it a traumatic episode but as an adult I am reminded of it every day when I open my mouth to brush and floss; I see my fillings reflected in the mirror.

Because I was so scared of the dentist, it wasn’t until later in life I made the choice to get braces.? Given the current technological advances and superior dental care, both children and adults have so many options in getting Invisalign? and clear braces.

Due to genetics and lack of tooth care, many kids and adults need education on how to prevent damaged teeth and how to determine the best type of braces meant for you.

Let’s take this journey together.? Please post suggestions and experiences for others so we let others know that?we are not alone.? Also, if there are additional topics you would like written, please let us know.


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