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StarSmilez?has a mission is to improve the lives of others as advocates for great oral health.? StarSmilex services health professionals and families, creating and distributing high quality oral health products and services.? With customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, they are proud to be part of the education of millions of children each year.? They?re fortunate to have been part of initiatives lead by companies and organizations including Colgate-Palmolive, Trident, Harvard University, UNC Chapel Hill, UCLA, NYU, Special Olympics Special Smiles, Smiles Across America, The Rachel Ray Show, and Barney and Friends.


Eastman Institute for Oral Health.? Two well-known oral health entities, Eastman Dental Center and the dental departments of the University of Rochester Medical Center, merged in 1997 and formed one organization with a mission to improve oral health through caring, discovery, teaching, and learning by providing a simple and straight forward blog.? The Eastman Department of Dentistry (EDD) houses both educational and translational research activities.? The Division of Eastman Dental Center (EDC) is the oral health arm of the Academic Health Center coordinating the academic dental effort and providing oral health services for the University of Rochester Medical Center/Strong Health.