Low Cost Dentures

Low Cost Dentures - BracesOrInvisalign.comA person can lose his teeth through various ways. You can either lose your teeth because of tooth decay that was allowed to progress without being given appropriate remedy or you can lose a tooth due to a physical blow to the face that fracture or pulled the tooth out. When a tooth or a few teeth are lost, changes in the mouth follow, such as the shifting and migration of teeth that alter the bite and affect the joints. When tooth or teeth are lost, their replacement is immediately performed to prevent untoward effects. Any patient would love, of course, to be offered some low cost dentures — but that will depend on how you look at things.

A perfectly fabricated denture is supposed to restore the aesthetics and function of your mouth and teeth. It will give you a reason to smile again; it will help you eat; it will contribute to the efficiency of your speech; it maintains facial integrity and holds the person?s bite. If you wish to enjoy all of these even after tooth loss, you should see your dentist right away. If you want low cost dentures, you can get them, your dentist can help you out by offering you an array of options.

Types of Dentures

Cheap and affordable dentures are two very different things. Cheap is often synonymous to low and poor quality, making use of low grade materials, low quality equipment and traditional techniques. In the most modern dental offices today, a wide array of dentures are being offered to patients, each type of denture option meant to satisfy a specific need being demanded.

When shopping for dentures, knowing your different options is important so that you can find the low cost dentures you are looking for — low cost meaning affordable, and fitting within your given budget. Take a look at your options:

  1. According to Artificial Teeth: There are two types of teeth that are used for dentures: plastic and porcelain. Plastic is obviously cheaper than porcelain; it is also weaker and less superior in aesthetics compared its counterpart, although not exactly lacking. Despite their difference, both teeth can easily mimic the appearance of the natural teeth in the mouth. They come in various shades so they can be matched with the natural teeth and look absolutely beautiful.
  2. According to Denture Base Material: The bulk of the dentures is made of denture base material or the framework of the dentures, usually covering the palate or the lingual surface of the low teeth. There are two main materials used for dentures: metal and acrylic. Metal frameworks are good because they are set thin and almost unfelt on the palate unlike acrylic that relies on bulk to be more retentive. Acrylic comes in two types, the rigid and the flexible kind, with rigid acrylic being the most ideal for low cost dentures because the material is cheap and quite easy to manipulate.
  3. According to Denture Components: Denture components are accessory parts in the dentures that either hold on to the teeth or hug them for support. These components are either made of metal or acrylic (flexible) and while both do a good job, they both have their own pros and cons to help you choose what is the best fit.
  4. According to Extent and Coverage: According to extent and coverage, removable dentures are basically either bilateral or unilateral. A bilateral denture is the normal type of dentures with a base crossing the arch to cover both sides of the mouth ???? and is best for teeth loss found on either side of the mouth; a unilateral denture is not commonly prescribed but for very short span tooth loss (usually just one or two) and it is a removable denture limited to just one side of the arch and is definitely cheaper. A good example? of low cost dentures, which is only ideal for very specific cases of tooth loss of course.
  5. According to Accessories: Now, removable dentures are fairly straight forward when they are designed and fabricated — the above mentioned features are the only things you concern yourself with if you want low cost dentures. However, if you are interested in getting the best of your dentures, you can add a metal mesh in the palate for breathability; a precision locking mechanism for added retention and even ball and socket design key-in with the dental implants (for implant-supported dentures).

A different denture may be prescribed to different patients depending on their case, their personal preference and their financial capacity. If you want low cost dentures, it will be smart for you to go through the discussion above so that you can get to know your options closely