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Do I Need a Retainer After Invisalign Treatment

A retainer is critical for Invisalign treatment. If you don?t use a retainer, the multiple months and investment you spent on straightening your teeth, will revert back. As you get older, teeth tend to naturally shift. To prevent shifting after orthodontic work, a retainer is crucial in keeping your teeth straight. There are several choices […]

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Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: 3 Things To Know

Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
Hygiene is an essential thing and oral hygiene is something to be taken seriously, especially if you wish to hold on to the beauty and function of your smile. Tooth brushing is the most basic oral hygiene practice you can observe. Performed thrice daily or after every meal; a person is encouraged […]

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Toothbrush for Braces | Explore 6 Options

Toothbrush for Braces

Everyone is expected to make a commitment to maintain good personal hygiene practices and a good part of this task is devoted to caring for one?s oral needs. Oral hygiene is essential because it helps maintain the beauty and function of the teeth in the mouth. You clean your teeth because plaque accumulates […]

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How To Floss with Braces

How To Floss with Braces
Oral hygiene is always encouraged. It is encouraged to patients who are young and old; patients with a complete or incomplete set of teeth; patients who have no dental caries and patients who do; and it is encouraged on patients with braces. A patient who has braces is even more susceptible […]

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Floss for Braces | 3 Alternative Cleaning Devices

Floss for Braces
Do you know what a floss is? There are a number of things use in oral hygiene and a floss is one thing of the things that you need.?Floss for braces?is a special string that may be waxed or unwaxed, thin or thick and you use it to insert in between teeth so […]

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Best teeth Whitening Products

Best Teeth Whitening Products

The teeth are called pearly whites for a reason, they really ought to be white but sometimes a person can lose the beautiful whiteness of their teeth and seek options to renew the beauty of their smile. When you come to your dentist inquiring about teeth whitening options, he will talk about […]

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening



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