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Dentistry ProConsult is created by Georgia Health Sciences University.? Dentistry ProConsult is designed for the purpose of providing dental students with a quick and easy way to learn procedures they may have to perform in clinics.? Watch one of its dental videos for a refresher course!


Dental Expert? is a patient?s guide to understanding all aspects of dentistry and its procedures. This application includes the most frequently asked dental questions answered by the top dental experts in each field and is overseen by NYC Cosmetic & General Dentist.


Orasphere?is for Dentists.? Using Orasphere dental educational videos saves you time, reduces liability and increase patient case acceptance for your dental practice. Easily view Orasphere dental videos on your iPod or iPhone and start educating your patients today.? For Patients: Ever wonder exactly what a root canal is and why it might be important to your dental health? Easily watch dental procedure explanations on your iPod or iPhone so you know what to expect when considering dental treatment.