How Much Are the Invisible Braces?

How Much Are the Invisible Braces - Braces Or Invisalign????Orthodontics is the dental discipline that governs the diagnosis, prevention, correction and treatment of various orthodontic issues. These issues, mostly innate can also be developed or may have been the result of a series of changes in the patient?s mouth. When the teeth shift and move this disrupts the harmony in the mouth, which eventually brings all kinds of problems — way beyond aesthetics. The misalignment and malpositioning of the teeth within the jaw destroys more than just the appearance of the patient?s smile, so the necessity for treatment can no longer be belittled.

Orthodontic treatments are traditionally done in metal, but given the ugly appearance of the brackets, wires and rubbers, an aesthetic alternative becomes rather valuable. When one cannot endure a few months? to a few years of being a metal mouth, just so they can have their teeth straighter and more beautiful, the patient can choose to get invisible braces.

Defining Invisible

Invisibility in terms of orthodontic treatments should depend on how the patient defines treatment. Alternative treatments to metal braces are now available and they all offer some kind of invisibility, in the means that a patient can best appreciate them. What is acceptably invisible for you, may be different for another patient, so when you come into the dental office you should try to discuss your options with your dentist.

The following are the invisible alternatives to metal braces:

  1. Ceramic or Clear Braces: This type of braces are either tooth-colored, white in color or transparent. They are made as such to make them less conspicuous in the patient?s mouth.??They are of the same design, box-like components with slots into which wires may be inserted, but instead of being of a metal color, they are made of ?the color and appearance that makes them rather invisible.
  2. Lingual Braces: Lingual Braces, as the name suggests, are braces that are attached to the lingual surface of ???? the teeth (or at the back) and they are made invisible because the back surface of the teeth is not seen when the patient smiles. Because the ???? brackets are placed at the back, they are not completely seen, thus making them an invisible option.
  3. Invisalign??: Another option for?invisible braces is Invisalign??. Invisalign?? is a unique system that makes use of trays that are clear and therefore invisible to carryout the treatment procedure. The trays are called aligners and they come in a dozen or two per set, each designating a specific movement that should align the teeth within the jaw.

All of the options discussed above are effectively invisible. They vary in orientation, manipulation and cost but they more or less serve similar functions from each other and from traditional metal braces. Although they do things differently, they do what they do in order to bring teeth into alignment. They are placed in the patient?s mouth so that the dentist can manipulate the teeth, and give the patient a more beautiful smile.

How Much Are The Invisible Braces?

As already discussed, there are different types of invisible braces and these options are priced differently. Ceramic or Clear Braces are around $5,000 on an average, and they are probably the most affordable among the options available. Lingual Braces and Invisalign?? are so much more expensive. Lingual Braces can go between $3,000 to $8,000 and Invisalign?? can be as expensive as $10,000 depending on how the severe the case. The final cost of treatment will depend on a lot of things, but usually it will be dictated by the specific case at hand. More complicated cases, those requiring extra materials and techniques, will be priced higher, which dictates how much are the invisible braces.