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John Flucke?s Dental Technology Blog?summarized himself as the life and times of the Technology Editor of Dental Products Report magazine and dentistry’s “Technology Evangelist”. Follow his thoughts and travels as he practices, writes, lectures, tinkers, and experiments with technology and technology in dentistry.


Dr. Lorne is The Digital Dentist:?If you?re thinking of adding to or upgrading the technology systems in your dental practice, then you?re in the right place. He started, The Digital Dentist, after discovering that dental professionals need focused, trained IT professionals to understand and work with their specific technological needs.


Marty Jablow DMD – Dental News and Technology?is a dental blog with the latest dental news & dental technology for your dental practice.? Martin Jablow DMD, is America’s Dental Technology Coach. He practices general dentistry in a group setting in Woodbridge, NJ. ?Dr. Jablow promotes the use of technology in the dental office to improve efficiency and patient care. He also lectures and writes articles on the use of technology to enhance the practice of dentistry


Emmott on Technology:?Dr. Larry Emmott is one of the most entertaining speakers in dentistry and he is considered the leading dental high tech authority in the country. He has over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist in Phoenix, AZ. He will have you laughing while you are learning.? Dr. Emmott is the monthly technology columnist for Dental Products Report Magazine and has had many articles published in national magazines on high tech dentistry, practice development, management, communications and related topics. He is the founder and director of a dental computer users group, and provides high tech dental consulting for dentists and industry. He also produces a monthly newsletter on management and computer use in the dental office distributed via the Internet and he has developed and maintains a computer users Internet web site.