Is teeth whitening safe??

Is teeth whitening safeTEST

The whiteness of one?s teeth, however beautiful it may be, can easily fade due to the food, beverage and all other substances. Anything that comes into contact with your teeth can discolor and stain it, and if you are not so careful about what you take into your mouth, you might as well just say goodbye to your white teeth now. After you get your teeth affected by stains the only way you can get their whiteness back is to get a teeth whitening procedure. An effective bleaching method that many dentists recommend, but the question to ask is: ?Is teeth whitening safe??

Many patients make an effort to whiten their teeth regularly. They make it a point to come in to their dentist?s office a few times a year just so they can maintain the whiteness and beauty of their smile. Many people have teeth whitening quite often, it is safe to ask: ?Is teeth whitening safe??

A lot of people have second thoughts about receiving a teeth whitening procedure because they are afraid that it can damage their teeth, especially if they do it quite often. Some people say that whitening products weaken the teeth and the more you do it, the more damaged your teeth become. A lot of people even say that teeth whitening procedures work because the enamel layer of teeth that is stained is abraded — and natural, getting this done often will mean the constant wearing away of your teeth.

The Teeth Whitening Process

To answer the question: ?Is teeth whitening safe?? it is important that you understand what really happens in a teeth whitening procedure. To get the real picture, you have to understand how things happen.

The teeth are made up of hard tissues and these tissues have pores. Within the teeth, the pulp tissue is located and it is encased by the hard tissues of the teeth. The hard tissues protect the patient from sensitivity because without it the pulp (the nerve connection of the teeth) is going to be exposed. During a teeth whitening procedure, the whitening agent comes with a component that is supposed to activate the pores by opening them. With the pores properly widened, the bleaching agent gets to penetrate to the tissues enough to carryout the whitening effect.

In other words, contrary to what many people think about how the process is carried out, the bleaching procedure is safe, as long as it is properly performed. There is no ?abrasion? that occurs; the whitening agent does not abrade the enamel to expose a brand new surface of teeth. This may be how skin peeling works but this is not how teeth bleaching is because if this is so, understand that the second layer of tissue, the dentin, is yellowish so exposing it will not at all? make your smile white and beautiful. When the teeth is whitening, the whitening agents penetrate into the tissue pores and bleach the teeth by oxidising it. Depending on the strength of the whitening agent, proper handling is required — hence the difference between a chairside teeth whitening method to a simple take home whitening kit.

Teeth Whitening Teeth Sensitivity

Since the pores are opened and the pulp tissue is completely exposed, it is quite normal for you to hear complaints about teeth sensitivity. The pores of the teeth have been activated and so they are wide-open, so making the pulp tissue rather susceptible. If before, the tissues are able to protect the teeth, the activation of the pores has now exposed the pulp tissue and pain may be felt.

Often this is experienced a few minutes after the procedure, but some patients have complained about teeth sensitivity in the middle of the procedure. When this is the case, the dentist can apply a desensitizing cream or the procedure can be completely halted even if it is not completed. Patients have varying experiences with teeth whitening procedures. Some enjoy it and have a completely positive experiences, others will relate bittersweet tales and some will have just bad stories to share. Pain is rather subjective but it does not really mean that the procedure is a bad one.

?Is teeth whitening safe?? Yes it is. That some painful side effect may be a part of the procedure, it cannot be denied, but understand that none of it is permanent. After a few hours, the pores will reactivate and close, so the sensitivity will be gone. After the pain is gone, all you have is a beautifully whitened teeth and brand new reason to smile.