How Do Braces Work?

How Do Braces Work - BracesOrInvisalign.comBraces are the main appliance used in Orthodontic Treatments. They are fixed onto the teeth, on the facial surface, so that the teeth may be moved around and brought to their proper place. Different people have different Orthodontic needs and a dentist will resolve this with braces. Whether the problem is spaces in between teeth; crooked, rotated and mispositioned teeth; cross bites, overbites and under bites; temporomandibular joint issues and so forth, a good orthodontist should be skilled enough to treat it.? So, how do braces work?

The Diagnostic Process

For treatments to course out as positively and successfully as they ought to, it is important that a good diagnostic process is carried out in order to write out a fortified treatment plan.

  • Oral Investigation. Like most diagnostic procedures, the dentist carries out visual investigation. A dentist cannot treat a patient without looking at the case, so he devotes some time looking at the arrangement of the teeth, as well as the visual profile of the patient, before he begins.

  • Radiographs. To study the growth of the jaws and to get a picture of the state of the bone, teeth and the joints radiographs are required.

  • Photographs. Photographs give visual record of what clinical inspection reveals to the dentist. It helps assess facial asymmetry and profiles better.

  • Dental Impression and Casting. A three-dimensional representation of the actual bite of the patient is done best with a teeth mould.

The Treatment Procedure

The treatment begins on the day that the braces are installed on the patient?s teeth. The whole thing is made possible by three different components: the brackets (which are stuck to the frontal surface of the teeth with an adhesive or cement); the archwires (which are inserted into the holes on the brackets); and the ligatures (which may be made of rubber or thing metal). On their own, these three components do nothing, but during treatment they are held together so that they may move the teeth in place.

  • When brought together, first of all the wires bring the teeth into alignment. The wires are shaped and when the brackets are attached to the wires, the teeth follow its shape and they are brought into proper alignment.

  • Any spaces in between teeth, as long they are not too wide, may be closed through orthodontics. Using rubbers, coil springs and other things the teeth may be pulled closer together.

  • Other bite problems such as crossbites, underbite and overbites may be resolved by orthodontics. Some treatments may involve the use of a removable appliance prior to braces.

Hopefully this answers your question, “How do braces work?”