Does Invisalign? Work?

Does Invisalign? Work - BracesOrInvisalign.comWhen speaking of orthodontic treatments, patients are no longer limited to just talking about braces because Invisalign? has surely stolen the limelight. Not exactly widely spread, it is slowing gaining height and popularity, as more and more people are beginning to realize just how effective it is as an alternative to traditional orthodontics with braces. Does Invisalign? work? Compared to braces, Invisalign? makes use of invisible trays or clear aligners. When a patient comes in, usual diagnostic methods are carried out, and after thorough assessment he will be presented with a treatment kit that may come with a 12 to 24 or more aligners.

The aligners are specific to the patient, each one designating a specific calculated movement. Depending on the prescription, one tray is worn for a certain period before the patient is asked to move to the next. Given that, it is easy to understand that every tray in the set shall slowly bring the teeth into their proper place. From whatever smile issue he may be dealing with, the trays will bring him to a perfect smile.

The Beauty of Invisalign?

When something is doing well, especially in the case of Invisalign?, it is good to find out why? Why is it gaining in popularity despite its shortcomings? Why are people choosing Invislign over the other traditional options that are more established:

  • It is open for DIY treatments. Traditional orthodontic treatment with braces are very dependent on the dentist. A highly trained dental expert should be the one the handle the patient. No component of the braces should be handled by anyone but the dentist. The brackets are attached by the dentist, the monthly adjustments are carried out by the dentist and they are removed by the same dentist at the end of it all. Invisalign? is different because it is open for DIY. The patient will be given strict instructions to follow and he can do it by himself, with or without the supervision of his dentist.

  • It is not very demanding on the part of both patient and dentist. Related to how treatments are supposed to go, you can expect for treatment to be less demanding on both the patient and the dentist. Appointments do not have to be scheduled as often because the patient can be given his trays to wear on his own, and there are no miniature components such as brackets and wires that may dislodge, poke or break so there is less likelihood of emergencies happening in the middle of the treatment.

  • It is invisible in the patient?s smile. As the name suggests, treatments are carried out without the need to disrupt the patient?s smile, unlike traditional braces. The trays are clear so they appear invisible when worn, so they are perfect for patients who are unable to undergo braces because their job requires them to have a ?perfect? smile without anything stuck on them.

  • It is more comfortable compared to the alternative. The alternative, of course, involves the use of brackets, wires and rubbers that when brought together can be quite painful to the teeth. When the braces are on it is difficult to talk, to eat and it is just uncomfortable, altogether but this is not going to be an issue when you go through Invisalign? because your teeth are going to feel slightly free with the trays.

The Problems with Invisalign?

Of course, there is always two sides to things and after discussing the good things about Invisalign?, here is a look at the other side of things. You see, it is important to know about these so that you can make a better decision about it:

  • It is expensive. The most significant disadvantage to going for Invisalign? treatments is the cost. Invisalign? treatments can be quite costly that patients often think twice about it.

  • It cannot treat all cases. Another bad thing about it is that some cases may not be indicated for treatment Invisalign?, so that means patients have to be assessed first. Complicated problems may not be resolved with removable trays, so you should be ready for the answer to go either way after initial assessment.

So does Invisalign? work? Of course it does. The fact that it is gaining popularity as time passes attests to the fact that it does. It may be expensive, it may be rather limited in terms of who it can help, but when one makes a decision to seek treatment through Invisalign?, he is getting only good news. Patients who have made a bold choice to go for Invisalign? have nothing but great things to say about it. The two sides discussed briefly in this article is presented to you, so that you can make a sound decision about it. You see, when you are given the whole picture, you get to decide with much conviction and confidence.