Damon Brackets

When you are thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment and you make a decision to see the dentist, one of the first things you do is to make a decision which way to go. There are so many types of treatment options and it is pertinent that you make time to discuss these things with your dentist, like Damon Braces’ self-ligating Damon brackets.

Damon Clear Braces with self-ligating?Damon Brackets is an option yoDamon Brackets - BracesOrInvisalign.comu can take. It combines two of the most amazing features of your and for you to better understand how things really go, these two things have to be discussed.

  • Damon Braces: Damon Braces is a special bracket design that involves the incorporation of doors and locks on the appliance. Unlike traditional brackets, the box-like appliances are with their own locks so that the rubbers are not necessary to hold the wires in place.

  • Clear Braces: This is an option that is more on the color and appearance than anything. The braces are clear and they are tooth-colored or white, so that it blends well with appearance of the teeth and it does not disrupt the appearance of the smile in anyway, at all.

Other Questions about Clear Damon Braces

  1. Do ceramic braces discolor? This may not be the first question you ask about Damon Clear Braces, but it sure is a question worth asking. In a world where appearances matter a big deal, you would not really want the brackets to be a problem — and stained or discolored are going to be an issue. So do they? Well they do — probably not as fast but they do and the clear rubbers stain and discolour even faster. To avoid this, you have to be very careful, making sure to flush and clean your mouth thoroughly after eating and drinking.

  2. Are ceramic braces weaker? Ceramic in comparison to metal is not worth comparing really when it comes to strength and durability. Ceramic is brittle and when you have ceramic movable components, as in the case of Damon Braces, you may be gambling when you make the decision to have them.

  3. Are ceramic braces really invisible? Well this is as if to ask, are your pores exactly invisible because however good your skin may look, the pores are there. Ceramic braces are not completely invisible but they are designed and colored in such a way so that their appearance is effectively camouflaged when the patient smiles. Ceramic brackets are tooth-colored or white and that makes them a little discreet compared to the loud metal color, especially when they are paired with ceramic-coated wires and clear rubbers.

  4. Can everyone use ceramic braces for orthodontic treatment? Well of course, anyone who wishes to undergo orthodontic treatment has the option to choose ceramic braces, and in this case Damon Ceramic Braces. Given the explanation presented, one does make that choice because the brackets are more discreet and treatments proceed faster as they ought to.

  5. Are Damon Ceramic Braces really the faster treatment option? When you choose self-ligating braces for your orthodontic needs, you do so because you are looking not only for a treatment option that moves faster, but you are also looking for a treatment option that does not require you to be in the dental office for as often as normal. The ?self-ligating? features allows for the treatment to proceed actively even without frequent visits to the dentist. Now, in the case of Damon Ceramic Braces, while you get the self-ligating option, you are also dealing with the fact that ceramics are brittle and weaker, taking the treatment to a lower step in terms of speed.