What are Damon Clear Braces?

What are damon clear braces - BracesOrInvisalign.comAre you thinking of getting an orthodontic treatment? Maybe you have been struggling with the appearance of your smile and are finally ready to do some remedy for it so that you can flash a perfect smile. Maybe orthodontic treatment had been prescribed to you as part and prerequisite of another treatment, such as the fabrication of dental crowns or dentures. Whatever your reason, you came in to see the dentist or the orthodontist to fix your teeth and it will be fixed, just as you expected. You can receive treatment through braces and you have the option to get the set of brackets that you think is best for you. ?What are Damon Clear Braces?

Damon Brackets are also known self-ligating braces, and they are special because unlike traditional brackets they are made with their own doors or locks so they do not rely on the rubber and metal ligatures and modules. They can hold the archwires within the slots making sure to keep tight tension, at all times. Clear Braces, on the other hand, are transparent or at least tooth-colored so they match the appearance and color of the natural teeth. These two things, available on their own individual ways can be brought together as one special thing: Damon Clear Braces.

Two Best Things in One

When you are looking at Damon Clear Braces, understand that you are receiving two great things in a single treatment option. You get the amazing function of Damon brackets and the splendid aesthetic contributions of clear brackets. You get to enjoy these two features in a single treatment and that means that in some kind of orthodontic universe, you get the best of both worlds, and you probably really do.

  • Fewer appointments to be scheduled. The amazing thing about Damon brackets is that they are self-ligating because they have been designed with their own doors. In the case of traditional braces, the treatment relies on elasticity of the rubbers to initiate some movement within the teeth on the jaws and they need to be replaced and tightened a few weeks and every month. In the case of self-ligating braces, the doors and locks will constantly put tension on the brackets and wires so that appointments can be scheduled further from each other instead of quite regularly.

  • Speed of treatment. Related to everything that was mentioned on the previous point, self-ligating brackets have their own locking mechanism so unlike rubbers that get loose they do not. There is constant tension on the brackets and wires to do their thing, so treatments tend to go faster than they usually do.

  • Smaller brackets, in general. The design of Damon brackets can be quite special, but apart from the fact that they are built with their own doors and locks, they are made quite compact. These brackets are made smaller so they do not cover the entire shape of the teeth.

  • No need for rubbers and ligature wires. Again, as previously mentioned, there are no rubbers and ligatures needed to carryout treatment and what makes it amazing is that there are lesser components in the mouth to entrap the teeth. With traditional braces you have the brackets, the wires and the ligatures; but with Damon braces you cancel out the need for the ligatures so the mouth feel so much free.

  • Goodbye metal-mouth. When someone chooses to go for ceramic braces, he is doing so because he does not want to be a metal-mouth. Metal-mouths have been ridiculed for the nerdy appearance it gives their smiles and this decision makes everything so much more special.

  • No need to compromise the need for treatment because of appearance. A lot of people are unable to go for orthodontic treatment even if they need it and they want to because their work does not allow them to have a metal smile. This is true for celebrities, models, politicians, flight attendants and so much more — these people are not allowed to have traditional braces but they may go through treatment because of ceramic or clear brackets.

  • It is still the same treatment, only better. Of course, in the long and complicated explanation of how things ought to be, what you get when you choose Damon Clear Braces is still the same kind of treatment but just better.

What are Damon Clear Braces? ?At first glance, Damon Clear Braces are going to be good thing but when you begin to piece it out for what it really is, you will realize that you are really getting so much more when you choose this route.