What are Clear Braces

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The main orthodontic option to treat patients involves the use of braces. The brackets, the main component, are box-like appliances that can be attached to the teeth and they are traditionally made of metal so that they are completely visible on the patient?s smile. That they do the job, there is no contesting that, but with the physical inconvenience that is attached with how the brackets look in the patient?s mouth, the thought of clear braces is often so comforting. ?What are clear braces?

When clear braces are talked about, there are actually two types of braces that may be classified under this category: ceramic braces and plastic braces. Ceramic braces are tooth-colored, so can be quite unseen especially from a distance; and plastic braces are clear and as all things transparent, they do not disrupt people?s smiles. This is most especially true when the ceramic and plastic brackets are combined with ceramic-coated wires and clear rubbers. You can make the components rather discreet in your mouth, so that your smile does not loudly scream: ?I am undergoing orthodontic treatment!? as it often is with traditional braces.

Who May Benefit with the Use of Clear Braces?

While the prescription of clear braces may be perfect for anyone who wishes to have them, they are a perfect fit for the following:

  • Celebrities like actors, news personalities, models and the likes who earn a living for their looks. They are in front of the television, always in front of people, chased by cameras and usual content of the glossy pages of magazines.

  • More mature individuals who regard ?braces? as juvenile and fitting only for those who are of a younger age, the use of clear braces is heaven sent. Surely a company executive, a lawyer or a politician is going to look a little silly with metal boxes on his teeth — but not so much if he goes for clear braces.

  • Flight attendances and certain ?front? services like receptionists at five-star establishments are often not allowed to be orthodontic patients. Their job is highly reliant on keeping a certain image, one that cannot be tarnished by metal components.

Now, understand that compared to metal brackets, clear braces are weaker. Metal is strong and it does not fracture and break easily just because you bit so much on it and so forth. Ceramic is weak because it is made of a polymer, so it breaks, detaches and fractures easily; quite a small sacrifice to consider if a patient is after ?camouflaging? the look of the brackets in the mouth, really.

Invisalign?: The True Invisible Braces

While ceramic and plastic braces have been amazing solutions for those who cannot live with very visible metal braces in their mouth, when aesthetic is of dire importance know that true invisibility is only achieved through Invisalign?. Better than any kind and brand of clear braces available, the invisible aligners are unseen on the patient?s smile. Fabricated to be of a characteristic snug fit into the patient?s teeth, they do not only do its job well, they also do it without the appearance and sensation of the brackets in your mouth. When worn, the patient can smile worry-free because the clear aligners are not seen — no one has to know you are going through the treatment, and you do not have to destroy the appearance of your smile. ?Hopefully we answered, “What are clear braces?”