Tooth Extraction Cost

Tooth Extraction Cost - BracesOrInvisalign.comThe tooth extraction cost is really nothing more than the removal of a tooth from the socket. A tooth is merely held in its place by bone and connective fibers and to remove one, simple rocking and loosening should easily pull it out and set it free. A set of able forceps, luxators and elevators should easily do the trick; when the tooth properly mobilized, the pulling of the tooth should not be difficult at all. Anatomical complications either with the tooth or the bone will make things difficult, so that instead of being able to remove the tooth with mere loosening, some sectioning may be called for, as well some bone drilling.

Factors that Affect Tooth Extraction Cost

Tooth extractions

  • Skill and Capacity of the Dentist. The skill of the dentist, his expertise and specialization should affect tooth extraction cost. Some extraction procedures are fairly straightforward and may be performed by any kind of dentist, but if you are going for a more complicated surgical procedure and you have chosen to see a specialist, understand that the cost will surely be higher.

  • Location of the Dental Office. The location of the dental office is also an important factor in the pricing of most dental services. When the place is located in a high-class area, you can expect for the rates to follow. Usually, dental offices in the same area are of the same price in an effort to be in a healthy competition with each other.

  • Type of Extraction. There are normal extractions, difficult extractions and there are wisdom tooth removals. These three different types of extractions are priced differently because it demands different things from the dentist, one so much more than others, in fact.

  • Difficulty of the Case. As already mention on the previous point, the type of tooth extraction, hence the difficulty of the case at hand should affect the rate at which services will be offered to patients. As a matter of fact, the prices are always given as a range because one cannot really give a singular price for a dental service that can easily go anywhere. A simple tooth extraction with curved, fused or fully divergent roots will really make a difference and in the case of wisdom tooth extractions, the position of the tooth, the angle it takes in the bone and its depth under is going to matter.

  • Special Requirement of the Patient. Some patients, especially those with special medical, emotional and mental will need something more than what is usually offered in a traditional tooth extraction. When a patient has different needs, tooth extraction costs are going to be affected. This is true when the patient needs something like a hospital setting, for the treatment to be performed in an operating room. This is also true when the patient requires special sedation to be able to enjoy a more comfortable procedure, or a special kind of medication and so forth. When a patient comes in he is properly assessed and when his needs are special, the dentist makes sure to match it well.

  • Materials and Equipment Used. This item in this list may be related to the type of extraction and often the difficulty of the procedure being performed. When there are special instruments, equipment, tools and medicaments to be used, this is going to reflect on the bill.

Tooth extraction costs vary and they can sometimes be quite high, roughly between 100-600 USD and even more, sometimes. . Unless they are indicated as part of treatment or in the case of wisdom teeth where its removal cannot actually be prevented, it is quite easy to stay away from this fate. When you observe good oral hygiene measures, you keep your mouth clean and healthy, and you avoid the need to cover the heightened cost of tooth extractions.