Metal Braces Advantages and Disadvantages

metal braces advantages and disadvantagesWhen you are having issues with your smile, the expert to see is the dentist. The dentist or the orthodontist is equipped with the right knowledge and skill that should bring everything into perfection and beauty. If in the past people had to contend with the ugly appearance of their smile, this is no longer the practice today, especially given the many options afforded by technology and science. Today, when a patient comes into the dentist?s office with complaints with how his teeth are arranged in his mouth, his doctor shall discuss to him his options for orthodontic treatment. Braces is the most basic treatment option utilized in the field. With the use of brackets, wires and a collection of rubber bands, movement is initiated so that the teeth may be brought to their proper place?using the metal braces.??All the components, ordinarily available in metal, is also available in other materials.? We will discuss metal braces advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing Metal Braces Advantages and Disadvantages

When you choose to explore orthodontics as an option to beautify your smile, you will have to go through a few months or years of having metal in your mouth. You will have metal braces and wires in your mouth and when you make that decision, it is important that you embrace it for what it is as a whole:


  • Strength and Stability. Metal is very strong and compared to other orthodontic treatment options, their components do not break easily to disrupt treatment. Ceramic and plastic brackets are more fragile and they break easily, so one may expect to have their broken brackets replaced a few times throughout the treatment procedure.

  • Affordability. Metal braces are the most basic and also the most affordable treatment option available. Stainless steel metal is not precious and is quite affordable, so choosing to undergo treatment with metal braces will mean that you can get the smile you have aspired for, for so long with needing to pay so much for the treatment.

  • Capacity and Capability in Terms of Treatment. Ideally, orthodontic treatments should give the patient a chance to smile better with properly aligned teeth. Unfortunately, not all treatment options are able to tackle all cases, but metal is the most versatile.

  • Variety of Options. Metal braces are now available in various designs, so offering true variety and versatility. Today, you can find metal brackets in the basic design, with self-ligating components and those which are attached lingually (or on the back surface of the teeth).


  • Ugly Appearance. The most significant disadvantage of having metal braces is the appearance of the metal. The brackets appear ugly on the patient?s smile, looking even dark on the teeth. It is quite unsightly for any normal human-being and it is even a bigger problem for those who are older, who cannot endure looking like a metal-mouth just to have straighter teeth.

  • Contraindicated for Positions and Jobs. The appearance of metal in the mouth can be a big problem for certain positions at work. Having metal in the mouth is going to be an issue for celebrities, models, wind instrumentalist, sports athletes, flight attendants and so forth.

  • Nuisance for Physical Activity. This is true, as already mentioned, for patients who are athletes who engage in a lot of physical activity, the braces is going to be a issue the point of hurting the patient.

When making a decision about whether or not metal braces is the right one for you, it is essential that you look into both sides of the coin, so that you can make a sound decision. By getting to know something through and through, you get to make a decision based on all the facts of treatment. You make a decision despite of what you know about it, so it means that you made a decision accepting that there are certain features in the treatment that you may not want, but are still going for.