How to Clean Invisalign? Retainers and Aligners

Cleaning Invisalign?

How to Clean Invisalign? Retainers and Aligners - BracesOrInvisalign.comAlthough most orthodontic cases still go through dental braces, those who would rather not have brackets, wires and?rubber bands?in their mouth would get nicer teeth and smile another way. When cosmetic is of highest priority, it is easy for patients to turn away from traditional orthodontics to go through Invisalign? instead. The treatment is more expensive and so much more complicated, but the personalized approach of the system give the patients a chance to enjoy a more attractive and functional smile without the need for the brackets, wires and rubber bands.? One of the biggest benefits is on how to clean Invisalign? retainers and aligners, unlike traditional braces.

When a patient chooses treatment through Invisalign?, he goes through treatment with the help of a series of clear or invisible trays called aligners. The aligners look like a trays used for take home bleaching only they are made from a special type of material. Every treatment follows a certain course, depending on the given case. Each treatment kit will include several aligners, which needs to be worn responsibly as dentist instructs, and they are worn from the first tray to the last tray — kept in the mouth up to such time that all the teeth have been brought to their designated places within the jaw (so cleaning Invisalign? is going to be important).

Importance of?how to clean Invisalign? retainers and aligners

Understand one thing: oral hygiene is not something that is uniquely advised to patients undergoing Invisalign? Treatment — it is a habit required of every person. Plaque accumulates on a daily basis, and just as plaque bring bacteria on a normal individual, plaque can also collect on the mouth of a patient wearing Invisalign?. Plaque can disrupt the normal flora of the mouth and it can spread to the aligners and bring disease. When your mouth is not clean and the bacteria is allowed to collect, this will bring bigger problems in the future so cleaning the aligners properly will be essential. As it is necessary for you to clean your mouth, you will need to clean your aligners too because you put it in your mouth. Do you really want to put something dirty in your mouth?

If that has already been agreed, the following methods may be used to cleaning Invisalign? aligners:

  1. Toothbrush: Just as you are cleaning your teeth, you can clean your aligners, as well. You can do this while the aligners are in your mouth or you can take them out and clean them as people with dentures would, scrubbing it clean with your toothbrush.
  2. Denture Cleanser: A denture cleanser is a tablet that is dropped in a container with water. It has effervescent properties, so it bubbles and cleans the aligners when it is soaked in it.? There are all kinds of denture cleansers and they are very effective in removing dirt and odor on any kind of dental appliance you may have. Such cleansing may be done as often as every night or once every week or every??few weeks.
  3. Soap and Water: Although this is not properly known, using soap with water is probably the most effective cleansing method because it does so without causing abrasions on the appliance. You can clean your aligners on a water bath with soap or you can clean them while you are bathing, so that you do not have to go out of your way to keep your aligners clean.
  4. Vinegar: Vinegar with its acidic properties has long been used in cleaning. A container is taken and a mixture of vinegar and luke warm water is made, and the aligners are soaked in this mixture for a few hours to remove the impurities. After soaking, the aligners will smell and taste like vinegar, so you will have to properly rinse it until you get rid of the vinegar.

Any dental appliance that is removable may be cleaned through the methods described above. This means that apart from these being useful in how to clean Invisalign? retainers and aligners, it may also be used to clean dentures, dental retainers, mouth guards and all other things.