How to Choose Braces Colors

How To Choose Braces Colors - BracesOrInvisalign.comBraces are the small box-like things seen attached on people?s teeth. It is dental appliance required for orthodontic treatment; and is used in conjunction with arch wires and rubber ligatures to initiate movement around the upper and lower jaws. If the teeth are misaligned and mispositioned, the only solution for this problem is to go through braces — to have the small box-like things installed on your teeth. ?How to choose braces colors can be fun:

Colors of Braces

Orthodontic treatment through braces is carried out by adhering brackets on the facial surface of the teeth, inserting wires through the slots and causing the teeth to move by bringing them together with the use of rubbers.

These different components, the brackets, wires and rubbers come in different colors. It is important that you choose carefully according to your requirement and personal preference:

  • Traditional Metal: The most basic type of orthodontic treatment is carried out with metal brackets. Like most ordinary metals they are silver in color, often appearing black, with a person?s smile. Paired with metal wires and different colors of rubbers, you have a smile that is totally discolored by the braces.

  • Precious Metal: Apart from stainless steel metal, you can also find braces to be in various colors, such as gold, sapphire and so forth. The precious metals are more expensive, but if you are looking to show-off some bling with your smile, nothing can do it best with precious metals.

  • Ceramic: The most aesthetically appealing color of braces is ceramic. Ceramic brackets are tooth-colored, so matching the natural color of the teeth, and they are not at all noticeable in the patient?s mouth especially when they are put with ceramic coated wires and clear rubbers.

  • Clear or Plastic: Clear and plastic brackets do not exactly match the natural color of the teeth but they work because the clear appliance almost looks invisible. They may be paired with metal or ceramic coated wires and clear or white rubbers.

  • Invisible: If you are looking for a completely invisible type of treatment, invisible braces are now available through Invisalign?. The trays or aligners are clear so that when they are worn by the patient, they are not noticeable at all. Clear trays are so much more aesthetically pleasing. The patient can go through treatment without having to endure the ugly appearance and color of braces.

Colors of Rubber Bands

When speaking of color in relation to braces treatments, you may also be referring to the colors of the rubber bands. When traditional braces are placed in the mouths of patients, they held together with the use of rubbers. The rubber bands are of different color, and now they are even made in different shapes, making sure the experience of wearing braces is more fun than it really is.

For children, playing with colors can be very interesting. Children are all about bright colors and so the more radiant the color, the better. For older people, they are more particular, going for neutrals and clears — nothing too loud, at all.