How Much Do Braces Cost?

How much do braces cost- BracesOrInvisalign.comWhen you speak of braces, you refer to orthodontic treatments involving brackets, wires and rubber bands?to move teeth. How much do braces cost?? Depending on all kinds of factors, the typical cost of treatment will range from $4000 to $10,000; and as most treatments go, payments may be made installment or in full, depending on the capacity of the patient to pay. It is quite high, which explains why not so many people are able to opt for braces treatment; but if you are looking to gain a better understanding of what goes on and what affects pricing and all, you will need to look into the different factors:

  • Dental Training: The price of braces is high, first and foremost because dentists who carryout the procedure have had to undergo further education and training to obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge that enables him to perform the different techniques. Whether the dentist is a general dentist practicing orthodontics or he is a specialist, catering only to orthodontic patients, he needed to go through extra training to obtain the knowledge and skill, so explaining the cost that patients have to pay.

  • Instrumentation or Equipment: The equipment and instruments used in the treatment are specialized. The components that are attached to the patients? teeth come at a cost, along with the instruments and medicament used. When you begin to account for the cost of every single thing that is used in the treatment, you will gain a better understanding as to why treatments are offered at such a cost.

  • Length of Treatment: Depending on the case at hand, treatments typically run for a few months to years. Some treatments are two-phase, so the patient goes through treatment with a dental appliance (usually removable), before the braces are installed on his teeth. The time and commitment that is demanded of the patient should explain the heightened cost of treatment. Some cases go for more than two years, using up dental materials, electricity, water and chair-time, so all of these are accounted for.

  • Type of Braces: The type of treatment or braces used also affects the price of treatment procedures. When a patient opts for a more basic treatment, he will cover a lower cost; if he, however, makes a decision to go for a more complicated, more specialized and highly innovative option, and increase in costs may be expected.

Your Options for Braces

As just mentioned, the type of braces or the choice of treatment can easily affect the cost of treatment. The following are some of the options patients have for treatment:

  • Traditional Metal Braces: Patients are more accustomed to traditional metal braces. The brackets are made of metal and they are shaped in such as way, so that the wires may be inserted into the slots or holes and movement may be initiated to bring the teeth to proper alignment. The trouble with such treatments is that patients have to endure looking like metal-mouths — with smiles that are not at all attractive. This remains to be the most affordable treatment available.

  • Ceramic or Clear Braces: A popular aesthetic option for braces is to go for ceramic or clear braces that match the color of the natural teeth. Instead of dealing with the bad appearance of metal, you get an unnoticeable material such as ceramic or plastic, which may be quite expensive but with truly amazing results.

  • Damon or Self-ligating Braces: When you are looking for a treatment that goes quicker, and require less tweaking by the dentist, the self-ligating braces will do the trick. The brackets have their own doors or locks, so they do not rely on the rubbers. This means that treatments do not have to course so long, as there is constant tension coming from the brackets. It is most ideal for patients who have an issue coming in for regular adjustments because schedule for adjustments can be spaced out longer. For this convenience and amazing features, Damon brackets are more costly.

  • Lingual Braces: Another aesthetic option is to go for lingual braces where the braces are attached on the lingual surface of the teeth rather than on the front. The principles followed are similar but the technique is different. These are priced slightly higher than traditional metal braces, especially since not all dentists practice it.

  • Invisalign? or Clear Braces: The most innovative option for orthodontics and the most expensive, to date, is Invisalign?. Treatment is carried out with the use of invisible or clear aligners or trays. The trays come in a set and the entire treatment is highly personalized, explaining the heightened cost. More so, you have to imagine getting your teeth straightened without brackets, wires and so forth. Your mouth is almost completely free and relying on the amazing invisible trays for repositioning.