How Much Are Dental Implants?

Although ratheHow Much Are Dental Implantsr expensive compared to more traditional restorative options, a lot of patients make a decision to go for dental implants when replacing teeth that they have lost because dental implants come with amazing benefits. It may be a little smart for you to ask, ?how much are dental implants? before you make your final decision, since as already mentioned the cost can be high, but with it you enjoy true stability, health and function. A dental implant that has completely fused with the bone will be quite strong; it will sometimes be stronger than a natural tooth and definitely more reliable compared to other more traditional options.

Why a patient chooses to get dental implants may be for various reasons. He may not want a removable denture that is uncomfortable and can be quite loose; he may not want a dental bridge that will compromise healthy teeth; or he may wish to reinforce his complete dentures by adding implants to support it.

Factors that Affect Cost of Dental Implants

How much are dental implants? A single implant with a crown may be around $3000 to $5000 and to better understand the answer to the question, you may want to know more about the factors that affect cost of treatment:

  • Specialized Skill of Dentist: A dentist is a trained specialist who has gone through special training to receive patients. For a dentist to be able to perform implant placement procedures, he will need to have gone through extra schooling to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Dental implants are merely grazed in dental school; dentists actually have to go out of their way to develop the skill and this requires special recognition in form of financial compensation. In other words, dental implants are priced the way they are because you are paying for the dentist?s special skill.

  • Price of Implants: Dental implant placement procedures are costly because the dental implants are expensive. Dental implants are usually made of titanium and this is a very precious element, known for its superior strength. Titanium is a special metal and when dental implants are constructed, they are made in such a way so that it completely fuses with the bone, something that other metals may not be able to do.

  • Equipment Used: When the dental implants are placed in the bone, they are installed using a specialized drill which is an expensive equipment. Every dental implant system is specific to a particular dental machine, which means that dentists who make use of different systems will have to supply their dental offices with all the supporting equipment and tools that should help her perform efficiently and productively.

  • ?Accessory Procedures Required: The full cost of the dental implant placement procedure can also be affected by any supporting procedures that the dentist may require for the whole process to be completed. A healthy bone should not have any problems, so the implants may be inserted right away without complication but other cases will require so much more. A sinus lifting procedure, between $2000 to $5000 is a complicated procedure that repositions the maxillary sinus slighter higher so that the implants may be installed on the upper arch. A bone grafting procedure, $500 to $3000 per graft helps to improve the quality and strength of the bone before the implants are inserted. Finally, various diagnostic procedures such as radiographs, ct scans and laboratory tests which will cost a few more hundred dollars is added cost that you have to consider — All of the mentioned procedure and so much more may be necessary for treatment success.

Dental implants are costly for a reason. Beyond finding out how much are dental implants, this article deemed to give you a better grasp of things so that you can gain a better appreciation. The answer to the question ?how much are dental implants? is answered completely in this article so that you can make a sound decision about it. Every service offered come with a compensation and dental implants are priced the way they are for a reason — and now you know why.

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