Floss for Braces

Do you know what a floss is? There are a number of things use in oral hygiene and a floss is one thing of the things that you need.?Floss for braces?is a special string that may be waxed or unwaxed, thin or thick and you use it to insert in between teeth so that you can remove anything that has been trapped that will most likely cause disease.

The Special Floss for Braces

Floss For BracesNow if you are really concerned about flossing while undergoing orthodontic treatment, you will need to know what is the perfect floss for braces. There are two main types of floss and the traditional floss design is not enough so you go for the other one, the sturdy floss.

The sturdy floss is quite special, you know. It has a sturdy end like a shoelace that allows you to insert the floss in between teeth. You simply cannot do that with an ordinary floss because it is flimsy and it will not at all get through, given the wires stuck on the brackets. You a single string of the sturdy floss, you insert it in between your teeth and you use it to clean your teeth through. Like the normal floss, you will make sure that it passes through the all the surfaces so that you can just rid the teeth and the mouth of disease-causing plaque.

The sturdy floss has three amazing parts you see: the study ?shoelace-like? tip, a foam middle and the traditional floss end. When you use this floss, you insert the sturdy tip so that you can get in between the teeth even with the wires, and you use the textured foam middle to properly collect food particles in the between the teeth. It cleans through the teeth when traditional methods are no longer ideal.

Other Options for Cleaning Teeth with Braces

Not to say that floss for braces is not effective, but if you really want to keep your teeth clean and healthy, you may want to look away from just cleaning them with the traditional methods. Most people are just accustomed to the normal cleaning methods: the toothbrush and toothpaste that will scrub the teeth clean and keep plaque away from causing disease; the perfectly medicated mouthwash that runs through the mouth and keeps it clean and fresh; and floss for braces that goes in between teeth and removes anything that has been trapped there.

While these traditional methods are still very helpful, you can also consider the following:

  • Waterpik: A waterpik is a special type of machine. It is a reliable oral hygiene equipment that works on high water pressure. From the spout, water shoots out and cleans the teeth of disease-causing particles through high water pressure.

  • Interdental Brush: This is a small brush that looks like the same brush that is used to clean baby milk bottles, but this is rather miniscule. The brush is small enough to be inserted in between so you can remove food that has gotten stuck in between your teeth.

  • V-tip Brushes: These are not like the normal toothbrush that you usually have but they come in a very special design that allows them to penetrate into the small gaps in between teeth.