False Teeth Options with Dentures, Bridges and Implants

False Teeth Options with Dentures, Bridges and Implants - BracesOrInvisalign.comA person can lose his tooth or teeth for all kinds of reasons. He may lose a tooth because of a tooth decay that has progressed negatively, requiring the need for a tooth extraction. He may lose a tooth because of a gum infection that has gone worse and has progressed to bone loss and the loss of the tooth. He may have lost the tooth from a physical blow to the face that has resulted in the accidental extraction or avulsion of the tooth. A person may lose a tooth or a few teeth for all kinds of reasons and when this happens, he should consider a getting some replacement, otherwise known as, false teeth options with dentures, bridges, and implants.

The dental discipline that governs the designing and fabrication of false teeth is referred to as Prosthodontics. Dental prosthetics, fixed or removable, may be prescribed to meet the need of the patient in an effort to maintain the aesthetics and function of the teeth:

  1. To be given a reason to keep smiling. You need your teeth to be able to smile, that is the truth. Your smile is going to look bad if you have missing teeth. It will be difficult for you to flash your pretty teeth on people and you may have an issue on being in public because of how you look.

  2. To enjoy the masticatory function of the mouth that helps nourish the body. All the teeth in the mouth serve a function in mastication or the breaking down of the food before it is swallowed. The anterior teeth, with its shape best cuts through food; and the posterior teeth with its large surface area can grind and break food down.

  3. To form certain speech sounds that will help a person form words. Some sounds are only made when certain teeth contact the lips and tongue and when these teeth are lost, speech is compromised.

  4. To be able to maintain the patient?s bite and the health of the TMJ. The posterior teeth hold the patient?s bite, and when they are lost, there are changes in the mouth brought about by the shifting and migration of teeth that leads to the collapse of the bite and may develop into a more serious TMJ condition.

  5. To maintain facial integrity. When teeth are lost and the bite collapses, another thing it affects is the structures around it that rely on its stability. When the bite collapses, the facial muscles and the skin will follow, so it will sag. This will definitely make the person look older than he is, especially when the skin begins to wrinkle and develop deep furrows.

Your Options for False Teeth

If you understand what was discussed above, you will understand how important it is to have a complete set of teeth. Any loss is going to result to something that you may not want to be dealing with, so this is where the fabrication of false teeth comes in. To replace whatever was lost, you see a dentist and talk to him about your options for prosthesis. With careful thought, you can make a decision to go for any of the following options:

Removable Dentures

The most basic false teeth are removable and they may either be partial or complete, depending on the loss. Removable dentures rely on the shape of the bone, any remaining teeth and surface tension to be retained in the mouth. In terms of aesthetics, stability and function, they fair well but probably not as good as the other options. They are rather affordable, though, and with the use of implants, removable dentures may be offered with some reinforcement that improves its retentive property.

Fixed Partial Crowns and Bridges

A more reliable option in terms of stability and retention would be fixed partial dentures that rely on the existence of other teeth to support the artificial. To do this, the supporting teeth will be prepared or reduced, so that the bridgework may be placed over it.

Dental Implants

A more innovative solution to tooth loss is to install dental implants. Under the bone, the dental implants behave like the roots of the teeth, and once they have stabilized they may be installed with dental crowns or bridges over them.

As you can see, there are many false teeth options with dentures, bridges and implants.