Fake Braces for Teeth

Some people, interestingly enough, do not mind the look of the brackets on their teeth and on their smile. While some are quick to run away from it, some would gladly embrace it — in an effort to get on a fake braces trend of some sort with fake braces for teeth.

fake braces trend - BracesOrInvisalign.comOrthodontics is the dental discipline that governs the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misalignments and malocclusions. The most basic treatment option makes use of braces; braces involve the use of brackets, wires and rubber bands — and together they can move teeth to its proper place. If you have a cosmetic issue related to the arrangement and position of your teeth, you get braces to resolve this issue. These braces have brackets that are traditionally metal, but with the way it looks most people either defers from treatment or would go the other way, with ceramic brackets or clear aligners.

Why Get Fake Braces?

Yes, as weird as it may sound, some people come to their dentists asking for fake braces. Like the ?bling-bling? that some celebrities choose to have on their teeth, these patients come to their dentists not because they have an orthodontic treatment to resolve, but because of other reasons:

  • The look fascinates you and you want to get in on the trend. Like the bling-bling and grills that some celebrities ask their dentists to put on their teeth for the sake of accessorizing, there are some people who make a decision to get fake braces on, because they are bored with the plain look of their teeth and they feel that the color of the metal and the rubbers surely add some character. Brackets may be fitted with any color of rubber, to match the color of your dress and to match the color of your mood.

  • You need it as a costume, for a party or for a role. For costumes for a party or for a role that you are playing, fake braces may be indicated. Maybe you are going as a nerd or an iconic character in television and movies, and you need to temporarily have braces on your teeth. Instead of having actual braces, you can get fake braces instead.

  • To mask any cosmetic problem on your teeth. Some patients may be dealing with cosmetic issues that are traditionally addressed with dental crowns, veneers bondings and the like. Prosthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry may be perfect solution but because they would rather be caught dead than to have dentures on their teeth, they will prefer to have fake braces on instead. To mask any stain, discoloration or any kind of imperfection, fake braces may do the trick.

Your Options for Fake Braces

  • Clear trays applied with brackets on the facial surface. This is mostly preferred when the fake braces look is desired for the purpose of it being a costume. To easily put it on and off, the brackets are attached to removable trays, so they may be worn when they are needed and them removed when no longer required.

  • Ready-to-bond wires with brackets. There are ready-made and custom-made bondable fake braces that may be used. They serve no purpose except for cosmetic and costume, so there is no worry about it making any changes on the teeth, while it is worn.

  • Temporary bonding of brackets without wires. Making use of actual braces, the brackets are attached to the teeth as they should be, but either no wires are put or fake (rather thin) wires are inserted through the slots.

  • Retainers with braces design. Instead of having retainers with a straight metal, the metal may come with a braces design.

Without the need to explain so further, it is clear that when you have fake braces in your mouth that it is meant to be there just for aesthetic or costume purposes. You do not put fake braces if you wish to receive orthodontic treatment. Fake braces are not going to move your teeth — at least it is not going to move it properly, so you cannot rely on it to do wonders to your teeth. They are meant to serve a temporary purpose in the mouth so they need to be removed right away. They, actually, cannot be left in the mouth for very long because they may initiate some movement that can disrupt the perfect arrangement of your teeth and so affect the appearance of your smile. It is, therefore, important that you are responsible about this.