Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces

Ceramic Braces vs Metal BracesOrthodontic Treatments are basically carried out with the help of braces — box-like appliances that are attached to the facial surface of the patient?s teeth, fitted with wires and rubber ligatures. They are left in the patient?s mouth for a good few months to a few years, during which the patient will be required to come in regularly for adjustments.? Traditionally, dental braces were only available in metal. They are silver, rather dark and quite unattractive to look at when the patient smiles, so some people usually have an issue about them. If you, therefore, are needing treatment, ceramic braces vs metal braces?should be a good option.

Types of Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic Braces are not so different from metal braces. They are of the same box-like design, shaped accordingly and attached on the facial surface just the same, but they are of a different color. Metal is often silver, but may also be available in gold or in another precious metal color, but ceramic is tooth-colored, white or transparent. Given the color, you can absolutely rely on the fact that the braces are going to be camouflaged when attached to the teeth and are not going to be so noticeable. The brackets are of the same color as the teeth and has no reason to destroy the appearance of the person?s smile.

  • Ceramic Braces with Metal: Now, do not be scared about the metal because much of the metal on the design will not be seen really. Some ceramic braces with metal have the metal component on the adhesive side of the appliance, making it more retentive; and some of the designs will have the metal along the area of the slots, making the brackets much stronger than they usually are when made in pure ceramic.

  • Ceramic Braces with Plastic: Usually, the addition of plastic into the design is going to make treatment costs a little higher than usual. Plastic is a little weaker than ceramic, so some consideration may have to be put on this. However, the plastic material is not going to affect the aesthetics of the braces because they will be transparent or of the same color as ceramic, and not noticeable at all.

  • Pure Ceramic: Another ceramic design you can consider is to go for pure ceramic, which means the braces has no metal or plastic component so you get both the strength and aesthetic features offered by the ceramic material. This is actually the most basic option you can enjoy and they are now available in the traditional design or in the self-ligating design.

Choosing the type of ceramic braces vs metal?braces?is important for so many reasons. First, you look into some offering of extra strength and durability because ceramics are generally weak and brittle and by incorporating metal into the design, the braces are made stronger. Second, you look into the aesthetic offering of the appliance. Pure ceramic is going to be the best option, especially when the shade of the ceramic is close to the color of the teeth because plastic transparency and metal-show is going to present some issue.