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I had a dentist pull extra four teeth and give me six fillings.? Not only was it a traumatic episode but as an adult I am reminded of it every day when I open my mouth to brush and floss; I see my fillings reflected in the mirror.

Because I was so scared of the […]

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Overbite Invisalign? and Correction | Can Invisalign? Fix Overbite?

Overbite Invisalign? and Correction | Can Invisalign? Fix Overbite
Overbite Invisalign? and Correction
Most people, when they talk about the ?bite?, think about one closing their mouth and allowing the teeth to come into contact with each other. Unknown to many, there really is more to the person?s bite than just to bring together the upper and […]

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Floss for Braces | 3 Alternative Cleaning Devices

Floss for Braces
Do you know what a floss is? There are a number of things use in oral hygiene and a floss is one thing of the things that you need.?Floss for braces?is a special string that may be waxed or unwaxed, thin or thick and you use it to insert in between teeth so […]

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