Braces Color Selector

Braces Color Selector - BracesOrInvislaign.comDental Braces are orthodontic appliances that are placed on the teeth so that they may be moved to their proper place, and a patient may be able to enjoy a better smile. While most people would rather have nothing to do with braces because they look bad and they are quite uncomfortable, there are those who are more than willing to embrace braces for what they are. They are ready to enjoy the color, and even make it a point to really show some character with their smiles.? You dentist?will use a tool such as a braces color selector in choosing the right color and/or shade.

Colors of Braces

Contrary to what many people think, there are a few options for braces in terms of color. When you come into the dentist?s office, requiring orthodontic treatment and your choice of treatment is dental braces, know that you have a few options in terms of color.

  • Stainless Steel Metal Braces: The most basic dental braces are those that are made of stainless steel metal.??They are silver, looking almost dark when inside the patient?s mouth, but?they are strong and rather economical. Stainless steel metal braces are available in the normal design, as well as in the Damon (self-ligating) design.
  • Gold Braces: For patient who are?allergic to nickel (which is a common component of the stainless steel?metal braces) gold is a good alternative. It is more precious, and so more expensive, but it does the job just as well as traditional stainless steel?brackets can.
  • Precious Metal Braces: Apart from? gold, there are other precious metals that may be used as a material for?braces, but they are not widely used. They are more of a special option,?indicated for patients who desire something different or something?special.
  • Ceramic or Clear Braces: Another?option for color in braces are those made from ceramic or tooth-colored?material. Ceramic are either the color of the teeth, or they may be white or clear, so they are not readily seen compared to metal.

Colors of Braces Accessory

Now, apart from the braces themselves, the interesting color can be enjoyed from the rubbers that are used in treatment and when you speak of rubber bands, there are different rubbers used in treatments. The rubbers that are used in treatments come in different colors, so choosing the right one can be a little tricky.

  • ?Make the rubber bands?match the color of?your braces. One way to choose color is to choose it according to the type of braces you have: silver for metal, gold for gold and clear for ceramics. By doing so you create some harmony so that the rubbers do not?appear too loud in the patient?s mouth.
  • Choose the color that looks good on?your skin tone. This is a little too complicated but color either suits you or it does not and if you want the?rubber bands?of your braces to look good?on your skin tone, you will take a good note of that.
  • Match the color of the rubbers to match the color of your clothes, uniform or sports team. In an effort to?be matchy-matchy about things, you can choose the color based on the color of your uniform, your favorite team and so forth.
  • Choose the color that does not stain or discolor easily. Food and drinks easily stain and discolor the rubbers?in your mouth so stay away from clear, yellow and white.
  • Experiment on different colors every month. The beauty of monthly adjustments is that you can easily change the color of the rubber every month to suit your mood and preference.

Want to see what your teeth would look like with colored braces?? Try this braces color selector interactive site.