Adults with Braces

Adults with Braces - BracesOrInvisalign.comThe most common age for patients to undergo orthodontic treatment with braces is during their teens. It is ideal for a lot of reasons, but mostly it is preferred because the bone of developing patients are still developing so treatments tend to go faster, achieving success at a greater frequency. Now, this then brings you to thinking that adults with braces with fully-developed bones are no longer ideal for braces — and that is not true. As long as the patient is able to endure the appearance and feel of being with braces, he sure can undergo the treatment.

An Adult Patient?s Options for Treatment

Regardless of the patient?s age, he is always still good to undergo treatment with braces. Adult braces are not exactly a rare thing. Some adult patients choose to go through the treatment because they have put the thought away for quite long, and they have decided that ?it is never too late?. Some adult patients are indicated for treatment with braces because they have endured some teeth loss which resulted to the shifting of the bite. As part of their treatment, they may be required to have braces before dental implants, dentures and dental bridges could be fitted onto their teeth.

Now if they are okay to have metal braces, then there is no problem with that because traditional metal braces are affordable and rather straightforward. If a patient would rather go the other way, though, there are some more options that best suit adult patients:

  1. Ceramic or Clear Braces: Ceramic or clear braces are metal braces made more discreet. They are still the same design and appearance, they are just a different color. Instead of the very conspicuous color of metal that is easily seen when the patient smiles, you get brackets that are tooth-colored or transparent, so that they are camouflaged in a way. Couple it with ceramic-coated wires and clear rubbers, patients may be undergoing treatment and no one is going to know that it is going on. From a distance and even on pictures, the smile will not be destroyed, so it is really ideal for adult patients.

  2. Damon Braces: Damon braces are not exactly a more aesthetic option for braces but they are commonly prescribed to adult patients because the appliance do not need rubbers. The brackets come with their own doors or locks so they can hold the wires by themselves. With this feature, you can rely on it having constant tension that should initiate movement. Apart from this, you should know that they may be made in ceramic or plastic material.

  3. Lingual Braces: As the name suggests, the brackets used for the treatment are attached to the lingual or back surfaces of the teeth. Not only are they invisible to patient?s smile, but they are also safer to have for those who are athletes and wind instrumentalists, because there is no danger of it getting affected during a physical blow to the face.

  4. Invisalign?: Now, the true invisible braces will be Invisalign?. Made of clear or transparent trays, the aligners are truly invisible when worn by the patient making them the perfect option for adults.

Not to say that adults are more vain than younger patients, but it is a full-on orthodontic treatment with metal braces does not always look good on patients with age. It does not go well with their professional title. It does not suit their high position in the company. It does not really look normal for a respectable individual to still be smiling with metal in their mouth at an adult age, so more aesthetic options have become valuable.

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